Nutrition on the road? An overlook issue in the truck driving world.

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As a truck driver, you are probably used to drive for miles and miles, often having access to limited restaurant availability. The vast majority of the food options you might encounter along the way include fast food, pre packaged meals, snacks and other options that aren’t exactly the best solutions for your health.

A fast food meal once in awhile is probably not a big deal, but if fast food meals end up becoming your day-to-day nutrition, your health will suffer: Most fast food meals are extremely processed, often very poor in actual nutrients, and very rich in salt and sugar. What does it mean? Once you have downed your fast food meal and perhaps a glass of soda, you will feel energized and full…but only for a couple of hours, since the energy of the sugar is “quick”, and there is no lasting nutrient in most of these meals.

You would feel starving a few hours later, and get caught in the trap all over again. If this sounds familiar, you can take step forwards to improve this situation: consider packing some healthier meal options for the road. If possible, vegetable / fruit juices that are green and healthy could help you with more nutrients on the road, easily. You can also buy fruit at most gas stations, even something as simple as a banana!

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